What is Gettysburg Area Democracy For America?

Gettysburg Area Democracy for America is a membership group of over 800 persons committed to progressive values.  Every first Wednesday of the month we present public programs  on current issues of local, state and national importance to our democracy – such as protecting the environment, ensuring access to affordable health care, and supporting public education.

We believe in equal opportunity, social justice, and achieving peace and security through international cooperation and diplomacy.

In the past year we have been privileged to feature special guests Admiral Joe Sestak, Carrie Soliday–Common Core expert from the LIU, Patrick Keenan from PA Health Access Network, district school superintendents Larry Redding, Wesley Doll and Eric Eshbach, and all nine candidates for the Gettysburg school board.  We have shown such films as Robert Reich’s “Inequality for All”  and segments of the ShowTime series  “Years of Living Dangerously” in order to educate ourselves and the public on the dangers of Climate Change and effects of fracking.

Gettysburg Area DFA’s purpose is to mobilize citizen participation in elections and the democratic process, and to hold our elected officials accountable for their votes and their leadership, or lack thereof, on issues we deem important.  We welcome all like-minded progressives to join our group.

 Take a look at your Facebook Page at: www.facebook.com/groups/GettysburgDFA/

 Steering Committee  2015-2016
  • Chair: Elaine Jones,  elainelynchjones@gmail.com
  • Vice Chair: Jeanne Duffy
  • Treasurer: Carolyn Nunamaker
  • Secretary: John Freund
  • Steering Committee At large:
    • Warren Steen
    • R. Lasco
    • Lou Hammann
    • Liz and Dick Wood
    • Joe Carter
  • Chairs of the task forces also on Steering Committee are
    • Will Lane
    • R. Lasco
    • Jeanne Duffy

Task Forces

  • Supporting Public Education
    • Doug Crist: dcrist64@pa.net
  • Adams/Hanover Health Care For All PA
    • Jeanne Duffy:  jduffy@gettysburg.edu
  • Green Gettysburg


You can join Gettysburg Area DFA simply by sending your contact information to Elaine Jones, Chair, at elainelynchjones@gmail.com.  All members are encouraged to join a task force and attend monthly Meetups on the first Wednesday of each month,usually held in Valentine Hall at the Lutheran Seminary in Gettysburg.

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