What is Gettysburg Area Democracy For America?

Gettysburg Area Democracy for America is an inclusive community committed to the progressive values underlying our democracy – equal opportunity and social justice; personal liberty; protection of our natural environment; fiscal responsibility; access for all to good health care and education; and peace and security through international cooperation and diplomacy.

 Steering Committee  2014-2015

  • Chair: Elaine Jones,  elainelynchjones@gmail.com
  • Vice Chair: Jeanne Duffy
  • Treasurer: Carolyn Nunamaker
  • Secretary: John Freund
  • Steering Committee At large:
    • Warren Steen
    • R. Lasco
    • Lou Hammann
    • Liz and Dick Wood
    • Joe Carter
  • Chairs of the task forces also on Steering Committee are
    • Will Lane
    • R. Lasco
    • Jeanne Duffy

Task Forces

  • Supporting Public Education
    • Doug Crist: dcrist64@pa.net
  • Adams/Hanover Health Care For All PA
    • Jeanne Duffy:  jduffy@gettysburg.edu
  • Green Gettysburg


You can join Gettysburg Area DFA simply by sending your contact information to Elaine Jones, Chair.  All members are encouraged to join a task force and attend monthly meetings on the first Wednesday of each month in Valentine Hall at the Lutheran Seminary in Gettysburg.

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